Heimlich Maneuver


H i s t o r i e

"Heimlich Maneuver is USA group: one of the best arisen pop and folk-rock in years 90. Fourteen stones to climb the mighty. A signal to be reverse, beyond the usual movement 
of the sympathy which any music causes, even oozing.

"Rootings created by several friends of institute high from Melrose who already were touching a music them to heavy in denominated band the Valhalla.

"Shortly act in clubs Boston, combining a pop facet Led Zeppelin type with for the fast-rock style Metallica and recording songs. When after these changes into the formation 
took place. With not ficharon, and that became soon the battery Steve Beaumann, plus the guitar Steve Harris to be singer. When new guitar Doug Sherman was united to them and 
friend of called Sherman Bob Abruzese changed their title by one of Heimlich Maneuver.

"Like the Heimlich Maneuver was able to occur to know thanks to versionar a subject of titled "Head of Sleep," a song that was said very well with signs.

"The song perfectly illustrated the sensational sense of the rate of the group and the vocal harmonic and Haaris.

"Other recording capitulate: "Company of Wellness," "Rain-Like," Pitching Potential," "Gnats of Time."

"With captain to motorboat speed becomes then. Beyond which primary one Boman did everything to spare the goat and cabbage; and success lurks. Accolades and applause 
is common. 92 sees excellence for much declination.

"Their following and ambitious in where wanted to sound as if they were different comings in his eleven learnings. Comparisons to Jesus aren't ignored, revealing too often 
acrimonious in details. 

"But at apex, Harris announces a return to university. The end of a good thing is to be accepted."

(English-language transcritpion by Amarabensue Clitheroe & Hyacinthe Clitheroe, with Donald S. Crotty; additional research courtesy of John C. Manoog III)

A c c o l a d e s

“Heimlich Maneuver good rock group. Me like Heimlich Maneuver. Loud noise scare at first. But acoustic elements soothe, make feel better. What make me want flail arms, move head when listen? Witch magic? Not know. But want more. Must have more! GIVE MORE NOW!”
       — Unfrozen Caveman... Billboard .

“Heimlich Maneuver is the sure-fire antidote to the many years of ethnic cleansing that our village has endured. Before my parents were killed in an accidental bombing by U.N. peacekeeper warplanes, they were always telling me to turn the music down, lest the noise alert the roving death squads to our makeshift home in the crumbling sewer pipes beneath the ruins of the chemical factory. But I never listened!! Because I’m a rock ‘n’ roll rebel!!! Now I play their music all night long— louder than ever!!! It helps to drown out the screams of my little sisters as they are raped repeatedly by the soldiers of the private militias. HEIMLICH MANEUVER 4 EVER!!!!!!!!”
        — Ðçiêvùcyæ Vlåvšlõfßzµ, teenager... refugee camp in the former republic of Bataslovia .

“Buy this record; listen to it; then ask yourself this question: If a band plays a show, and no one comes to hear, does it make a sound?”
        — Jean-Paul Sartre... Nu Metal Mania .

When Dr. Martin Luther King nailed his 14 Points to the door of the Sistine Chapel proclaiming the start of the Protestant Revolution, the world as we know it changed forever. Similarly, when Heimlich Maneuver nailed their setlist to the door of their practice space, the world again changed. So what does that mean? I don't know. Fuck off.”
        — Simon Cowell... World’s Biggest Douchebags Quarterly .

“The Heimlich Maneuver posess an audio frequency that resonates from their instruments through the air to the ears of anyone who happens to be in the audience. Give them a listen — you’ll be surprised that you did.”
        — Brian Williams... NBC-TV  .

M e e t   T h e   B a n d

Steve Harris - sing, guitar

Steve sings and plays for the group, and he's been known to write all of their songs. Steve has longer hair than everyone else in the band, and can tune his guitar. Steve's favorite color is

Bob Abruzzi - bass

Bob stands out from the other members of the
 band in that he plays bass. When performing,
 Bob can often be seen on stage with the rest
 of the group. Bob smokes cigarettes
 and drives a car.

Steve Bowman - drum

Steve is the group's drummer. As such he plays all of their drums. In his spare time Steve prefers to have sex with women. Steve doesn't like galaxy NGC 3953, and is the least interesting person in the group.

Doug Sherman - electrical guitar player

Doug is the group's guitar player, and in fact owns his own guitar so he can play it anytime he wants to. He also has an amplifier and hair. Doug likes coffee, and will sometimes drink it.

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