A History of  The Turtles
+(as translated from the original spanish by Google)+

+"One of the best arisen American groups pop and folk-rock in years 60. The Turtles was created in+
+the Angels in 1964 by several friends of the institute Westchester High who already were touching to+
+music surf in a denominated band The Nightriders.+

"The Nightriders was an instrumental set formed by the saxofonista Howard Kaylan, the guitarist To the Nichol,
+the bear Chuck Portz and the battery Don Murray. When a friend of called Kaylan Mark Volman was united to them+
+and the rythmical guitar Jim Tucker changed their name by the one of Crossfires.+

"Shortly after they did not stop to act in clubs angelinos, combining a pop facet British Invasio'n type with
+the folk-rock Byrds style and recording songs like "Fibreglass Jungle" or "Saints and the sidewalk to surfer".+
+In 1965 they ficharon by the seal White Whale Record thanks to the owner of one of those premises in+
+where they acted, Reb Foster, that became its representative.+

"The first that wanted big shot of White Whale was that they red-baptize themselves again. Foster recommended
+The to them Turtles and they, great lovers of the music of the Byrds, wanted to be called The Tyrtles, but in the end+
+they adopted the initial name of The Turtles.+

"Like the Byrds, the Turtles was able to occur to know thanks to versionar a subject of Bob titled Dylan
+"It ain't me babe", a song that was sold very well and that was placed very high in the American lists (number 8).+
+The magnificent Lp "It ain't me babe" (1965) was not able to strike too much the musical market but at least+
+it managed to enter charts.+

"After these several changes in the formation took place: the battery Don Murray was replaced by John Barbata
+and the bear Chuck Portz was replaced by Douglas Chip, that was just a short time, since later it was replaced+
+by Jim Pons. This new formation published simple "Dog I get to know you to better", that did not sell too much either.+
+The commercial resurrection would arrive to them with following single, "Happy Together".+

"Happy Together" would conquer number 1 in the U.S.A. and them it would make popular anywhere in the world.
+The song perfectly illustrated the sensational sense of the rate of the group and the amazing vocal harmonies of+
+Howard Kaylan and Mark Volman. The following recordings in 45 r.p.m. "Shéd to rather be with me"+
+(number 3 in the U.S.A. and number 4 in GB), "You know what I pisses" (number 12 in the U.S.A.) and+
+"Shés my girl" (number 14) seated to the group in the elite of the pop American.+

"Before recording the essential Lp "Happy to together" (1967) and after an English tour that was not very satisfactory,
+the guitarist Jim Tucker left the Turtles. The disc contained part of its great successes and other excellent subjects+
+made up of Kaylan and Volman like "The Walking Song", "Think Íll Run Away" or "Person without to care",+
+this last one written by the guitarist To the Nichol.+

"Simple the following ones did not enjoy the favor of the public too much: neither "Sound Asleep" (produced by
+they themselves) nor "The story of rock and roll" managed to enter high positions, all the opposite who "Elenore"+
+single written by Kaylan and Volman that managed to penetrate in Top 10 of great part of the world-wide lists.+
+Their following and ambitious Lp, "The Turtles presents the battle of the bands" (1968) in where wanted to sound+
+as if they were different bands in his eleven subjects.+

"They presented/displayed the simple "You showed me", an excellent subject of the Byrds, written by Gene Clark
+who arrived until the position number 6 in lists. "Turtle Soup" (1969) was going to be the last and considerable disc+
+of the Turtles. In order to produce the Lp, Kaylan and Volman invited to Ray Davies of the Kinks,+
+thing that the Briton accepted of good pleasure. The result was considerable but the sales were not good.+
+Their last simple one as group were "Lady-O", shortly after the Turtles let exist officially.+

"In 1970, Kaylan, Volman and Pons comprised of the Mothers of Invention, the set of Frank Zappa. Later, Kaylan
+and Volman, that could not use the name of The Turtles by legal problems recorded under the name of Flo & Eddie,+
+also collaborated with their wonderful voices in the success of Marc Bolan and their group T. Rex and in the Eighties+
+recovered the name of Turtles to turn successfully by their country."+

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